About Us

G&M Stevens, LLC is a local family owned and operated curtain van trucking company based out of Grants Pass, Oregon which primarily runs the I-5 corridor. The Stevens Family has been in the Grants Pass, Oregon area since 1990. Garland Stevens began trucking in the late 70's and now his son Mike Stevens is carrying on the family tradition.  

Delivering America's Goods

GMS runs curtain vans that are 48' in length with the capacity to carry 48,000 lbs. of goods. Our inside dimensions are 102" by 102" tall and water tight. Customers like using our trailers because all freight is strapped and secured. Being a Curtain Van fleet means we can carry a wide variety of products going from a flatbed to a dry van making us extremely versatile for our customers. We deliver freight in the 11 Western States.


Examples of the products we haul
Building materials
Beverage Products
Dry Food Products
and much more


G&M Stevens, LLC 

541-476-7061 Office

541-479-5440 Fax 

400 Marion Lane 

Grants Pass, Or. 97527